morning glory

bringing a little pretty into my home is something i really, really love. plants and flowers are like burning a sweet smelling candle, it gives you that warm, uplifting feeling. such a simple joy. sweet, simple floral arrangements, a couple of low-maintenance plants, whatever it may be, it makes me happy. this past weekend I was drawn to the tulips and other flowers of spring I found at the grocery store and my daughter spotted a strawberry plant at Home Depot, so that came home with us as well. our first try at any sort of fruit or vegetable. we grabbed some inexpensive terra cotta pots and welcomed all of these blooms into our home. flowers and plants also make great subjects, so out came the pencils and markers and in lieu of morning cartoons, we made pretty flowers. a great morning in my book.DSC_3600DSC_3608DSC_3619DSC_3620DSC_3622DSC_3631DSC_3649DSC_3692DSC_3708DSC_3787DSC_3794DSC_3815


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