sage, dried with love

I felt inspired last year to come up with gifts from the heart; something that is homemade and thoughtful. Gift-giving tends to be hard for me and sometimes I am not good at all and other times I over-do it. So, I came across a recipe for homemade vanilla extract about two years ago and got inspired. Last summer a friend and I decided to give it a try and it’s curing as we speak, going on a year! It’s supposed to be better the longer it cures, so I’m hoping by Christmas it will be extra-special. With that, I came across a book on Amazon, Food Gift Love and was really excited to try out some of the recipes and give some special people in our lives thoughtful gifts throughout the year for fall or Christmas or just because. Madelyn really loves helping me in the kitchen and one of the ideas that caught my eye was Dried Sage. I thought it would be a fun experience for us, it would teach us the process and was easy enough for her (she’s five) to help me with. It would also teach her about thoughtful-gift giving. My mother-in-law loves to cook and since Madelyn was visiting her in July, I thought it’d be a great little gift “just because”. We didn’t grow the sage, but if you have a garden, it would be even more special if you started the process there. I bought some fresh sage and used that and it really is lovely. I’ve always loved drying flowers, so this was sort of reminiscent of that for me. I also made a photo book of the photos I took of Madelyn during the process and gave that to my mother-in-law as well to make it an extra special keepsake. Since the gift-giving season is right around the corner, I thought I’d share this here! The whole process took about a month as we had to be patient and let the sage dry completely, so keep that in mind if you decide you’d like to give it a try!




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