third trimester, summer, and maternity clothes

So I’ve entered into my third trimester and am somewhere around 30-31 or maybe 32 weeks pregnant (my due date has jumped around a few times!). This is the first time I’m really experiencing pregnancy during the hot, hot summer and let me tell you, it’s tough! With my girls, I wasn’t as far along in the summer months, so it’s tough in the sense that I have a lot of winter maternity clothes from my prior two pregnancies and also because it’s just physically exhausting getting dressed. If you’re like me, by the time you’re in the third trimester, those “maternity” clothes that worked in the first and second trimesters are tried on and tossed onto the floor in frustration and you’re sort of left going, nothing fits, what am I going to wear?  It can be really discouraging. With that, I am so excited to team up with Pink Blush Maternity for all you mamas-to-be out there who might need (or maybe just want) a new thing or two to get you through whatever trimester you might be in – to make you feel stylish, pretty, comfortable. Pink Blush Maternity has an amazing assortment of cute maternity clothes, including the dress I’m wearing in this post, which I find both comfy and casual, but is also easy to dress up if I want. It will also transition into the fall easily with a pair of boots and a long cardigan.

So, if you are in the market for some new maternity clothes, head on over to my Instagram page for an amazing giveaway from Pink Blush Maternity!!




  1. Lauren Clark says

    In my third trimester right now! I could totally use this giveaway. Nothing is fitting and I’ve hit that sweaty summer pregnancy-I’m just wearing pjs all day-rut.

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