our very first “back-to-school”

It’s that time of year again, autumn is rolling in and all the kiddos are going back to school. It’s very nostalgic for me and I really love this time of year. Madelyn started Kindergarten, so for the first time since I was in school, “back to school” was a big deal. We talked about it a lot and other than a night of hesitation, most of her feelings were of excitement, so that was a relief for me. We sometimes tell stories at bedtime rather than reading books and a few weeks before school started, she asked me to tell her a story, so I came up with a fun story about a girl going into Kindergarten and how and exciting it was, it really helped her get excited about it all.

As we gathered the short list of supplies for her classroom, we also talked about what she was going to wear. Choosing my back to school outfit was always fun for me. Madelyn takes after me in that she is pretty opinionated about what she wears. I like to lay things out for her, but usually she doesn’t end up wearing them like she did when she was small and so I’ve sort of had to let it go. She does sometimes wear things she knows I like and will tell me, “mommy, I’m wearing your favorite shirt”. It’s pretty cute and always makes me smile. We picked out a couple of options the day before school and were excited to coordinate her clothes with her really fun new shoes she picked out from Skechers. They light up and they’re sparkly and most importantly, they’re comfortable and she can run and play in them! Comfort is always number one for my girl!


A great big “thank you” to Skechers for Madelyn’s back-to-school shoes. They’re a huge hit!


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