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I’m always looking for new ideas to keep my little ones busy. Whether it’s drawing, painting, baking or something alike, creating is something we always enjoy to do together and it’s a good way to keep little hands busy.  Madelyn is at the age where she is coming up with her own creations and I just love it. Autumn is such an inspirational time of year, I think. Last weekend, we spent most of the weekend at home and so we decided to use the cornstarch dough recipe we usually use for Christmas ornaments and made some fall leaf ornaments. We then used an old hanger and made a fall mobile. While we were in the spirit, we made some ghosts out of old fabric I had and Madelyn made some spooky drawings to decorate our front door. We turned on some Halloween tunes and crafted away. If you’re interested in the cornstarch dough recipe, it’s super simple:

1/2 cup cornstarch

1 cup baking soda

3/4 cup water

Mix ingredients in a medium pot on the stove over medium heat, stir continuously until the mixture begins to thicken and has the texture of mashed potatoes. Remove from heat and spoon the ball of dough into a bowl. Cover with a damp cloth until it is cool. Once it is cool, sprinkle the surface of a cutting board or table with some cornstarch and knead the dough, add additional cornstarch as necessary so that the dough is not sticky. Once your dough as a similar consistency to sugar cookie dough, roll it out and use cookie cutters to create your ornaments. Transfer ornaments to a parchment lined baking sheet. Use a straw to poke a hole at the top of each for hanging. Bake at 175 degrees (f) for one hour, turn them over after 30 minutes to bake evenly.

After we baked our ornaments and let them cool, we painted them with gouache paint (that’s what I had on hand). I have also used glitter to decorate in the past and that is also fun!




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    Love how simple it is and how beautiful it looks ! While being a cute craft for fall ! Thank You so much for this we’ll do asap 😉

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