Nursery Update

The other day, I got the urge to rearrange/reorganize the nursery. Since Caleb is still in our room, but will move into the nursery at some point, I have made an effort to create a neutral space that will easily transition from Kora’s room to Caleb’s room, or perhaps a even shared room, depending on what we do once Caleb moves out of our room. I haven’t quite figured out if Kora will move into Madelyn’s room or if she and Caleb will share. Kora sleeps in the nursery, but since Caleb is in our room and gets diaper changes in the wee hours of the morning, we moved the changing table into our bedroom for the time being so that I wouldn’t wake Kora up every time I had to change Caleb in the middle of the night. Having done that created an empty space in the nursery that was driving me crazy. So, over the past week or so, I’ve changed things around and created a space I really, really love. I thought I’d share the update here! I also listed some of the places I got some of our things at the bottom of this post in case you’re interested. 🙂


Picture frames, wood crate, cloth fringe bin, and blue cabinet: Target

Blue eucalyptus wreath: I made this from some dried eucalyptus I had 🙂

“ABC” wooden stool: Home Goods

Children’s wooden fold-up chair: thrifted

Wooden car and stacking blocks: Bannor Toys

Wooden caterpillar: Little Sapling Toys

Fur rug: TJ Maxx

Hanging Elephant Bell: World Market

Roald Dahl Print: Oh My Deer Handmade (Etsy)

White baby blanket: Yoli & Otis

Baby sling: Wild Bird

Blue striped baby hat: Willaby Clothier

Dream Catcher: Etsy Shop – unfortunately they don’t make this anymore 🙁


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