It’s near! It’s just days away, in fact, and I am doing a ha-ppy dance! There is something that tugs at my soul when fall arrives, it’s a season that both excites and calms me. I whole-heartedly anticipate this season all year round – the light is warm and golden and the beauty that takes over this season is always awe-inspiring. One of my very favorite things is to visit the apple orchards with my family and let my kids soak up the mountain air, bask in the cooler temps, and pick apples from the tree. Kora and Caleb enjoyed taste-testing on our GATHRE mat while Madelyn was very hands-on, as she has been for the last several years. We went to a different orchard this year because the one we normally visit was closed, but it all worked out and it ended up being a perfect spot. I see an apple pie (or two or three?) in our near future… enjoy this season, friends!


Our Gathre mat came in SO handy this weekend! Not only is it stylish (the Ginger color is so beautiful!) and unique it is so functional! I was able to sit Caleb on the mat while his sisters picked apples and he stayed on the mat and amused himself. It made the trip so easy! Sometimes you just need a place to sit your baby down, especially when you have older children, you know? This works like a charm. It’s much better than simply using a quilt because it stays on the ground better whereas a quilt usually starts out flat and as kids crawl and walk around on it, it sort of starts bunching up. I use our Gathre mat in our yard, the park, ball games, pretty much whenever I can. I love it!

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