Happy first day of fall!!! Something about autumn is so nostalgic, right? The smells, the colors, tastes, the entire season is all so good. My favorite thing to do to every year is to take a trip to the apple orchard. We enjoy slightly cooler temps and a bit of countryside up in the mountains. We went a bit early this year, so most of the apple orchard wasn’t ready yet, but we were able to pick pears and a selection of apple trees. We got to baking right away and I will share what we made with our pears in another post soon! I hope you enjoy this season of memory making and apple pie eating!DSC_4552DSC_4566 copy…peeking in on the sheep and goats!DSC_4562.jpgDSC_4606 copyBig sister doing what she does best, such a good helper!DSC_4612DSC_4615DSC_4619DSC_4624Caleb was much more interested in exploring than apple picking, it’s very hilly at the orchard and he fell a couple times, hence his dirty bum! 😉DSC_4629DSC_4636DSC_4641DSC_4643DSC_4647DSC_4682 copyDSC_4685 copyAnd for being good sports with mommy’s picture-taking, daddy got them lollipops at the gift shop. 🙂 DSC_4712 copyDSC_4721 copyDSC_4725 copyDSC_4729 copy


Easter + Our Bunnies

Easter always catches me off guard. I’m not sure why, but it swoops in and I am always feeling unprepared. This year felt that way even more so, I barely had fresh eggs, let alone anything to dye them with. So, thankfully there is Google and thankfully I have a large assortment of food coloring. I used a recipe I found on McCormick’s website and it was perfect. It was easy and the colors turned out really fun! DSC_5207collage2DSC_5219DSC_5245collage3DSC_5254DSC_5262DSC_5277DSC_5278DSC_5280DSC_5284DSC_5290DSC_5293DSC_5300



…and we had our very own baby bunny, too. 😉


a thoughtful DIY gift

A couple of years ago, I came across Heather Bullard on Instagram. She is amaaaazing. She is a prop stylist and everything she does is gorgeous, so naturally I was an instant fan. She shared her recipe for Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract and I was like oh yes, I must do this! I love to bake and I really like thoughtful gift ideas, so this was perfect. Finally, two summers ago, a friend and I decided to try it out. It’s so easy, but you must have time. Time is the key ingredient here, because you have to let the vanilla cure for 6+ months, the longer the better. Mine has been curing for a year and a half, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally bottle this stuff up!! I highly suggest you visit Heather’s page for all things beautiful and inspiring and for lots and lots of recipes. (Note: I am not afiliated with Heather at all, I just am sharing what inspires me and oh my gosh does she ever!)


For the finishing touch, and to make it extra festive, I simply tied some baker’s twine around the top of the bottle and added a couple of cinnamon sticks. I think it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to give these as gifts this year. I had an extra bottle so I am stashing that in my pantry for holiday baking! 😉dsc_2797dsc_2807dsc_2809