preparing for baby boy, aka nesting…

This time around, since we are having a boy, we’re having to prepare a little more than the last time around when we were expecting another girl. I kept everything from when Madelyn was a baby, so we literally did not need anything when we had Kora. Sure, I got her a few new things here and there, but we had bins (and bins) of clothes from size newborn to 4t when we had her. Kora will eventually move out of the nursery, into Madelyn’s room, and the baby will move into the nursery. Not right away, of course, so I’ve slowly started to transition the room into a more neutral space that will work for Kora now and will also work for the baby once we move him in. A few things will be switched out here and there, but it will be an easier transition down the road, I hope! I’ve gone through all the newborn clothes and separated out all of the neutral pieces I can use for the baby and have also thoughtfully selected special new pieces over the course of the last three or so months. Thankfully Zara and Baby Gap have had really great sales over the summer! I’ve also found the sweetest little things at some of my favorite handmade shops I found on Instagram, Mabo Kids, Yoli & Otis, Bannor Toys, Briar Handmade, Willaby Clothier, L’oved Baby, Hide & Cotton, and Little Pine Outfitters, to name…a few. Little overalls and tiny moccasin slippers have my heart over here going pitter-patter! Already having two girls, this is so new and exciting to me. I am so excited for my sweet boy! 

I’m still trying to figure out sleeping logistics and how I’m going to deal with bedtime routines, and all those sorts of things. There is a four year age difference between our girls, so Madelyn was potty trained and was doing most things herself when we had Kora. Kora and the baby will only be about 19 months apart, so that is also new territory for me! I kind of have a sense that it will just work itself out like it always does, though. Right? 

With all that, here is “preparing for baby boy…” or really, just me nesting! Ha! I had a cute little helper too. 🙂DSC_9266DSC_8688DSC_8806collage1DSC_8673DSC_8708DSC_8714DSC_8694DSC_8734DSC_8754collage2DSC_8790DSC_8787DSC_8797